Tattoo of the Eyes

Have you ever heard of the latest trend in body modification?

It involves tattooing the whites of the eyes!

This practice, also known as eyeball tattooing, has been gaining popularity in recent years as a form of beauty enhancement and self-expression.

In this article, we’ll explore the fascinating world of eye tattoos and what drives people to undergo this extreme form of body art.

The Process of Tattooing the Eyes

Tattooing the eyes, also known as scleral tattooing or eyeball tattooing, is a specialized form of tattoo art that has gained popularity in recent years.

The procedure involves injecting ink into the white part of the eye, using a specialized needle and tattoo gun.

It is a highly risky and delicate procedure that requires the skills of an experienced professional.

The process of tattooing the eyes begins with a thorough consultation with the client.

The artist will discuss the design, the size, and the placement of the tattoo, as well as any safety considerations that need to be taken into account.

The eye is then cleaned and numbed with a local anesthetic, and the artist will use a special tattoo needle to inject the ink into the sclera, or the white part of the eye.

The artist will work slowly and carefully, taking breaks as needed to allow the eye to rest.

The equipment used in eye tattooing is specialized and highly sophisticated.

It includes a tattoo gun, a needle, and various inks and pigments.

The needle used in the process is much smaller than the standard tattoo needle and is designed to be gentle on the delicate tissue of the eye.

It is important that all equipment is sterile and that the artist follows proper safety protocols to minimize the risk of infection or other complications.

Due to the high risk associated with eye tattooing, it is essential that the artist has extensive experience and training in the procedure.

Safety precautions must be taken, including the use of sterile equipment, proper numbing techniques, and careful attention to the healing process.

Aftercare for an eye tattoo is also crucial, and clients must follow a strict regimen of eye drops, rest, and follow-up appointments with the artist to ensure proper healing.

In conclusion, tattooing the eyes is a fascinating and highly specialized art form that allows individuals to express themselves in bold and unique ways.

However, it is a procedure that must be approached with extreme caution and care to ensure the safety and health of the client.

With the right professional and the right mindset, a tattoo of the eyes can be a beautiful and meaningful work of art.

The Risks of Eye Tattoos

Eye tattoos, also known as scleral tattoos or eyeball tattoos, is a relatively new body modification trend that is gaining popularity among certain segments of the population.

However, as with any body modification procedure, there are inherent risks and dangers associated with eye tattoos that potential candidates need to be aware of.

One of the most immediate risks is the possibility of infection.

The eye is a very delicate organ, and any damage to it can cause serious problems.

In addition, the procedure itself can be quite painful, and there is a chance of complications such as bleeding or corneal damage.

Over the long term, there is also the possibility of vision loss or other ocular problems.

These risks are not only physical but also mental and emotional, as the procedure can have a profound psychological impact on the person.

Furthermore, there are implications on one’s overall health, as the chemicals used in tattoo ink have been known to cause adverse reactions.

While eye tattoos may seem like a unique and beautiful form of self-expression, individuals seeking to get the procedure should weigh these risks carefully and consult with a medical professional before proceeding.

The Rising Popularity and Controversy

Tattooing has always been considered a form of self expression and over the recent years, this art has evolved to include a newer style of tattooing, namely the tattoo of the eyes.

While this form of tattoo may seem like an extreme trend, it is gradually gaining popularity among the millennial generation.

Eye tattoos, which are also referred to, as scleral tattoos, involve the injection of ink into the white part of the eye, and as such, are considered one of the most dangerous tattoos that one can get.

The procedure is done by only a few trained piercing and tattoo professionals and carries serious risks of blindness, infections, or other eye complications.

There are, however, benefits that come with this procedure such as the freedom to express oneself beyond the body.

While some people love the art of tattooing their eyes, there are some people who decry the practice and criticize it as an unnecessary form of self harm.

Critics have argued that eye tattoos stunt personal growth and may be a red flag that points towards deeper psychological issues.

Nevertheless, this new and fascinating form of tattooing has taken the world by storm, and it is hard to say whether the practice will be embraced or shunned in the long term.


Eye tattoos are a growing trend in the world of body art and self-expression.

While they can be incredibly striking and beautiful, it’s important to consider the safety and health risks involved.

The process of tattooing the eyes involves injecting pigments into the thin layer of tissue that lines the eye, which can potentially cause vision problems, infection, or even blindness.

Additionally, regulations surrounding eye tattoos vary from place to place, and it is essential to do your research and find a reputable and licensed professional who follows safe practices and uses high-quality materials.

Despite these concerns, many people find eye tattoos to be a powerful way to express their individuality and creativity.

The intricate designs and vibrant colors can help people feel more confident and capable of showing off their unique personalities.

To balance the desire for self-expression with the importance of safety and health, it’s important to have a conversation with a professional and understand the risks involved.

With proper care and consideration, an eye tattoo can be a stunning and meaningful addition to your body art collection.


What is a tattoo of the eyes?

A tattoo of the eyes, also known as corneal tattooing, is a procedure in which pigment is injected into the white part of the eye to enhance or alter its appearance, or to correct certain medical conditions affecting the cornea.

Is tattooing the eyes safe?

Tattooing the eyes, also known as scleral tattooing, is considered an unsafe and risky procedure. This is because the procedure involves injecting ink into the whites of the eyes, which can cause eye damage, vision loss, and other complications. Therefore, it is not recommended for anyone to have this procedure done, regardless of their desire for self-expression and beauty.

Can anyone get a tattoo of the eyes?

Technically speaking, anyone who is of legal age and is physically capable of sitting through the process can get a tattoo of the eyes. However, it’s important to note that this is a highly specialized and controversial tattooing practice, and it should not be taken lightly. It’s crucial to do your research and find a reputable and experienced artist who has been extensively trained in this procedure before making any decisions.

How is a tattoo of the eyes done?

A tattoo of the eyes is typically done using a needle and ink to create a design on the sclera, the white part of the eye. This is a delicate and potentially dangerous procedure that should only be done by a skilled and experienced professional with proper equipment and safety measures in place.

Is there any pain involved with a tattoo of the eyes?

Yes, there is pain involved with a tattoo of the eyes. The eyes are a sensitive area and the process of tattooing them can cause discomfort and pain. The level of pain may vary depending on the pain tolerance of the individual and the experience of the tattoo artist. It is important to choose a skilled and experienced tattoo artist to minimize the risk of pain and complications.

How long does a tattoo of the eyes last?

The longevity of an eye tattoo is subject to several factors, including the location of the tattoo, the ink used, and the aftercare undertaken. On average, it can last between one to five years, but it can also last a lifetime for some people.

Can a tattoo of the eyes be removed?

Yes, a tattoo of the eyes can be removed through a process called laser tattoo removal. However, it is a complex and expensive procedure that requires multiple sessions and can be painful and may not guarantee complete removal.

What are the risks of getting a tattoo of the eyes?

Getting a tattoo of the eyes carries a high risk of infection and damage to the eyes, including loss of vision. The procedure may also require multiple touch-ups, increasing the risk of damage and infection. Additionally, the long-term effects of ink injected into the eye area are not yet understood.

Are there any specific aftercare instructions for a tattoo of the eyes?

Yes, there are specific aftercare instructions for a tattoo of the eyes. It is important to keep the eyes clean and dry during the healing process, to avoid touching or rubbing the area, and to follow any additional instructions given by the tattoo artist. It is also important to keep in mind the potential risks and complications that can arise from eye tattoos, and to choose a reputable and experienced artist to perform the procedure.

Do tattoos of the eyes affect vision?

Tattoos of the eyes, also known as sclera tattoos, can be extremely dangerous and have a negative effect on vision. Injecting ink into the sclera can cause the eye to become inflamed and result in permanent vision damage, including blindness. The procedure should never be attempted and is highly discouraged by medical professionals.

What is the cost of a tattoo of the eyes?

The cost of a tattoo of the eyes varies depending on the artist’s experience, the location of the studio, and the size and intricacy of the design. However, it is generally more expensive than other types of tattoos due to the high level of skill and precision required. Prices can start at around $500 and go up to several thousand dollars.

Why do people get tattoo of the eyes?

People get tattoo of the eyes as a way to express themselves and showcase their unique personality, as well as to enhance their appearance or change their eye color permanently.

What should I look for in a tattoo artist if I want a tattoo of the eyes?

When looking for a tattoo artist for a tattoo of the eyes, it’s important to find someone who has experience with this type of intricate and detailed work. Look for an artist who focuses on realistic or hyper-realistic tattoos and who has a portfolio that includes eye tattoos. Additionally, make sure the artist is licensed and follows proper hygiene and safety protocols, as eye tattoos can be more risky than other tattoos due to the sensitive area being tattooed.

Yes, there are legal restrictions on getting a tattoo of the eyes. Some states and countries have banned them completely, while others require specific training and certification for tattoo artists to perform the procedure. Additionally, individuals with certain eye conditions or who are susceptible to eye infections may not be eligible for the tattoo. It’s important to research local laws and consult with a licensed professional before getting a tattoo of the eyes.